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Submersible Dual Level & Temperature Transmitter ‐ Silicon Sensor 

  1. Stainless steel, Silicon piezo‐resistive sensor
  2. Level accuracy: <±0.1% FS BFSL (0.06% optional)
  3. Pressure ranges from 0.5mWG to 100mWG
  4. Temperature range ‐20 to +60°C
  5. Dual independent 4‐20mA outputs

 The IMSTL has been designed for use in continuous submersion in liquids such as water, oil and fuels. The submersible uses the latest piezo‐resistive media isolated silicon sensing technology and a stainless steel diaphragm. It offers excellent stability, repeatability and resolution required for use in rivers and reservoir measurement. The temperature sensor is based on a platinum resistance thermometer with Class ‘B’ accuracy. Housed within a 316L stainless steel, or high grade Duplex stainless steel housing, this submersible transmitter is the ideal product for hydrostatic level measurement where temperature is also a critical part of the measurement. Every device is

temperature compensated and calibrated, supplied with a traceable serial number and calibration certificate.

There are many options available on the IMSTL transmitter. These include the following

  1. Pressure range and engineering units
  2. Pressure reference (Gauge or Absolute)
  3. Level accuracy (Non‐linearity & hysteresis)
  4. Level accuracy for thermals
  5. Cable material in PUR, PVC or FEP
  6. Housing material
  7. O ring seal material
  8. Temperature range

Suitable for the following applications

  1. River level & temperature
  2. Reservoir level & temperature
  3. Tank level & temperature
  4. Borehole level & temperature
  5. Aquifer level & temperature
  6. Environmental monitoring
  7. V‐notch weir flow measurement
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