APM extends a rental service on selected stock. As we know not all applications and projects are going to warrant the purchase of a brand-new clamp-on flow meter, so we offer the kit on a weekly basis* Subject to stock.  

  • We offer free over the phone support 
  • We offer Rental service with the install at a premium
  • Try before you buy
  • Short term projects 

 Get in touch today to see if your application fits one of the products we offer for rental. Product not listed? No problem, contact us today as we have a vast network of associates and partners to call on to find a solution for you, save time and money by allowing us to take care of issue for you. 


What is the minimum term for rentals?
All our rentals are a minimum of 1 week

What's the longest I can hire something for?
There are no restrictions on how long the rental is for apart from meeting the 1-week minimum hire. And also adequate payment or terms have been agreed before hiring.

Can I sub hire or send the goods abroad?
Yes, The responsibility of the goods are with the customer as per our terms and conditions. For any hire going overseas, that does not have a head office in the U.K a 50% deposit plus prepayment of hire must be settled prior shipping.

Can you install hire for us?
Yes, this is no problem. We can quote you with the install and arrange all that is necessary for us to attend the site and complete the job. We would always recommend you uninstall as this is a simple task and saves you time and money.

Do I ship the unit back?
Yes, Shipping to the customer is within the quote unless a collection is being made. We can provide collections in rare circumstances. But any failed collections may incur charges that will be passed onto the customer.

How quickly can I get my unit?
This all depends on the application and stock. We can ship the same day if we have adequate time to complete our checks and arrange a collection this is normally before 1 pm

Are the units calibrated?
Yes, we work on a 12-month schedule. Electronic certificates can be requested at any time.

What do I do with my rental when I am done with it?
First, arrange to ship back to us, Make sure the kit is in the same condition it arrived in. Please clean and decontaminate all the kit and fill in all the paperwork in the box. If you need any further assistance get in touch with us anytime.

I wish to extend my rental?
Great, submit the request in writing as per our terms and conditions. If we approve this we may require another purchase order and extension or pre-payment. We may also refuse to do to kit reserve and to be sent out upon its return.

What if I am late returning the kit?
We reserve the right to charge for any late deliveries as per our hire terms and conditions. This is at our discretion.

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