On Site Verifications and Flow Services
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On Site Verifications and Flow Services

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At APM we can offer on-site services to carry out testing and flow verification's. We offer this if a job has deadlines and or lacks the resources or instruments to do them yourself. Or for any scenario that warrants the use of a verification. Allow APM Applications to provide you with this service. Need some reasons? 

  • Keep to tight deadlines
  • Short turnaround* 
  • We have the tools to do the job
  • Yearly verification services available to stay compliant
  • Rent kit for short term use 
  • Portable or fixed solutions
  • Long term logging options
  • Measure energy using PT100 energy kit*
  • Reporting and certification based on findings * 

These can be perfect for industries that simply can not shut down there systems or process. We have some blog pages on how this is useful to industries like food & beverage manufactures. The water and mining industry as if they need to validate flow meters on discharge lines to there lagoons will need yearly checks so they are in compliance with there licences. 

All site visits that require commissioning and or general site work will have full risk assessments and method statements sent following HSE guidelines when required, requested or deemed necessary.

Your Questions Answered

How do I get a price for a visit?
If you contact us at sales@apmapplications.co.uk we can go over your requirements and send over a tailored quotation.

What is required for you to come and attend us on-site?
We require details about the application and or job you wish us to visit you for. For general application notes, we have a standard template for the information we need. We will also like to have pictures of the application if they are available.

Do you provide any certification for your on and off-site services?
Yes, dependent on the job or service you wish us to perform we can provide certification for the work carried out, Get in touch for prices and further details

Are the units calibrated?
Yes, we work on a 12-month schedule. Electronic certificates can be requested at any time.

How long will the test take?
This test can be as long as you need it to be. We can discuss options about your requirements at any time so feel free to contact us.

Can you test more than one meter a day?
Yes, This all depends on locations access and how long the tests will be. We often try to get in multiple units to save on-site time.

Do you need any information prior to your visit?
Yes, we will need all the HSE risks and hazards we may face, photos of task areas. And information about the applications themselves. This will allow us to pre-plan to get the best outcome and value out of our time on site.

Will we have RAMS?
If the job requires it yes. We will need all the information from the customer to provide adequate RAMS

Do I need to shut down my process?
If we have safe access no. Most verifications on close systems are non-intrusive so we can test inline flow meters using our clamp-on flowmeters.

What if my unit fails on the day
This is a common question, We can make recommendations and assist in supplying solutions for another fixed unit. The decision always lies with the customer. We will issue a certification indicating a pass or fail. If you want the raw data also we are happy to supply that.

Is a verification the same a calibration?
No, we can not offer flow calibrations on-site. These will need to be uninstalled and sent back to us. We will then send them to one of our partners and take the problem of your hands. We can offer rental meters in the interim so you are not without flow readings. And this can all be supplied in one quote/package.

Can you offer a calibration?
Yes, We can provide off-site calibrations. We will need to discuss your requirements and arrangements for shipping. It would be best to contact us for a quote so we can provide instructions for this process.


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