UltraTWIN | APM Applications & Instrumentation
UltraTWIN | APM Applications & Instrumentation
UltraTWIN | APM Applications & Instrumentation
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Twin-channel ultrasonic measurement with the ability to combine applications

Flexibility is the UltraTWIN two channel ultrasonic system. Each channel is user-configurable to operate independently either as a full function open channel flow monitor, a pump control system or as a level and volume monitoring unit for liquids or solids, calculating volumes and providing alarms. UltraTWIN is compatiable with the full range of dB Transducers. UltraTWIN features six relays configurable to either channel.

A full-function flexible combination instrument


UltraTWIN in level/volume mode will calculate volumes based on a wide variety of standard tanks shapes measuring liquids and solids.

Pump Control:

UltraTWIN provides a wide range of sophisticated pump control routines. UltraTWIN also includes four digital inputs, making it possible to monitor the performance of other equipment, for example a no-flow signal from a pump can trigger an alarm without the need for a PLC.

Open Channel Flow:

In open channel flow mode, UltraTWIN gives you the full power of Pulsar's flow measurement expertise, that's the reason it's the choice of wastewater companies and process industries worldwide to measure open channel flow within effluent treatment processes. Features include on-board totalisation and pulsed output. UltraTWIN provides outstanding accuracy when teamed with the high resolution accuracy of the dBMACH3 transducer.

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