Ultra 5 | APM Applications & Instrumentation
Ultra 5 | APM Applications & Instrumentation
Ultra 5 | APM Applications & Instrumentation
Ultra 5 | APM Applications & Instrumentation
Ultra 5 | APM Applications & Instrumentation
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Ultra 5

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Ultra 5

Non-contacting ultrasonic level control and flow measurement

Ultra 5 provides flexible and reliable non-contacting ultrasonic level and volume measurement, advanced pump control and measures open channel flow to BS ISO 1438 and 4359. Ultra 5 is available as a wall, panel, fascia or 19" rack mount (visit our mounting options page for more information).

An optional Radio Telemetry System may be fitted to the Ultra 5 controller which has a 3km (1.86miles) line-of-sight range. Up to 48 Nodes can be used using a 'Multihop' receiver installation.

Advanced Ultra Range Features

Ultra 5 offers the same features as the Ultra 3 controller but also with the added benefit of more advanced features:

Level and Volume:

Ultra 5 is perfect for the wide range of level measurement applications, featuring five control relays and a measurement range from 125mm to 40m. Offers optional 4-20mA input for a pressure transmitter or similar. Includes pre-programmed tank shape conversion for a variety of standard tank shapes. Unusual shapes are also accommodated through the 32 point linearisation function.

Pump control:

Ultra 5 give you advanced pump control functions including:

  • Power run-on
  • Pump exercising
  • Start point variation
  • Storm control feature
  • Aeration control
  • Flush valve control


Ultra 5 offers the inclusion of differential level capability using two transducers. With one upstream and the other downstream of a screen or penstock, an alarm or control signal is initiated as the difference between the level exceeds a user-defined limit to automatically operate the cleaning mechanism.

Open channel flow:

Ultra 5 provides non-contacting, flow measurement and control in a wide range of flumes and weirs with 2 additional relays.

Downloads Available:

1. Manual

2. Datasheet


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