Katflow 230 | APM Applications & Instrumentation
Katflow 230 | APM Applications & Instrumentation
Katflow 230 | APM Applications & Instrumentation
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Katflow 230 Hire and Rentals

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Ultrasonic flow meter rentals- KF230

 This rental unit allows the user to clamp on and get measurements within minutes. A full range of transducers can be specified on this unit for a base version for quick and simple measurements from 10mm- 6500mm. Ultrasonic flow meter rentals like this can be perfect for applications where you wish to undertake some survey work, or you testing the functionality of your instruments already inline. With a fleet of units, we can provide you fast turn arounds and even on-site support in person or over the phone to help with troublesome applications. With 4-20mA outputs, this can be the perfect solution to interim metering whilst we attend to and calibration works or purchase and installation of new meters. We also have units with 100,000 data points for remote logging. These units can be used to measure thermal energy or be temperature compensated with mounted RTD sensors. Perfect for flow or energy surveys. Better still we can provide these services for you with reports on our findings. 


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The KATflow 230 is easily portable but incorporates an advanced specification for situations which require comprehensive measurement features coupled with easy operation. The flowmeter has two measurement channels, which allow it to monitor two pipes simultaneously or to improve accuracy in non-ideal conditions. The KATflow 230 can also be supplied with a variety of options to meet the most diverse application requirements.

Pipe Diameter 10 – 6,500 mm Portable Battery Life 24 h Internal Data Logger
Wall Thickness Measurement Heat Quantity Measurement

The choice of 4-20 mA, relay and open-collector outputs available on the KATflow 230 allow it to be used as a temporary replacement for existing in-line flowmeters when calibration is due. Moreover, the inclusion of PT100 temperature inputs enables the instrument to provide either temperature compensated flow data, or full energy measurement. This functionality can be further enhanced by using the innovative expansion capability which permits the flowmeter to perform dual-channel heat quantity measurements or to integrate alternative output options such as Modbus.


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