Verifications can be such a great service for most industries. This could allow them to monitor the health and functionality of there instruments that may not need calibration. Flowmeter verifications are a prime example. Using an ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter you can check your line (application limitations apply) without shutting down your process. It's also very hygienic so it's perfect for industries like the food industry and the beverage industry.

Flow Meters for Brewing are Fundamental

Existing flow meter verifications and installing new flow meters in a brewing process can be so fundamental. Not only do they provide data on waste and assist with and additives being dosed. Using diagnostics on the clamp-on units and known variables of the application, we can measure most liquids. So in a brewing process having validation on the keg filling process or how much of an ingredient s being poured into the mix can have such a positive impact on the process. We do offer industries like this a host of other kits like Non-contact level sensors for tanks and silos ( hops storage, and bulk storage tanks ) as they are super hygienic. 

Setup in Minutes!

Clamp-on flow meters can be set up in minutes making this great to take multiple line measurements in one day to give the user lots of data. Services like this can be invaluable as it's a great preventive measure against instrument failure. We would recommend you use this service as a stop-gap between calibration, testing meters you feel are not performing properly if your project scope requires it and if a governing body requires it.

Once every 12 months can improve your process performance by finding problem instruments before failure. If you have an application you wish to discuss get in touch for further information.

We sell and rent units with 4-20mA outputs so you can link the analogue signal from the meters direct into your process. They also have up to 100,000 data points on them. The most popular options are for us to attend site do a flow verification ( we do it from spot velocity and batch totaliser) we record a number of events and based of our finding issue a verification certificate with the raw data ( if requested) 

Let's not wait for something to fail let's make your process more economical and catch it before its a problem. We can be on site and rent kit in as little as 24 hours. 


We can use a dual-channel KF230 and measure thermal efficiency ( Energy ) using a PT100 energy kit

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