New And Old Heating Systems- CHP & Boilers.

It doesn't matter if you work from home or in the tallest building in the city, these buildings need to have suitable heating and hot and cold water facilities. The last few years have seen more businesses try and tackle the Co2 issues by doing all they can to become more carbon-neutral, recycling where they can throughout their processes or business. This means looking at the performance of the heating and energy systems they have in place. 

How can you do this with older systems?

Well, one way is to understand the usages by monitoring them using instrumentation; such as flowmeters, pressure sensors, level sensors and temperature sensors. Not only do you need to have these types of instrumentation, but you need to maintain them by checking them periodically or against a schedule that is designed specifically for you. Let's think about all that can go wrong and plan for it. Does that mean you stock spares in case of asset failure? Do you work with someone to stock spares for you or come out to repair or maintain the assets you have? Both could be the answer but having a written plan is one of the best practices you could follow for any asset management programme. The biggest question to ask is... Can you afford to shut down? How can we avoid process or building shutdown? 

Is the answer a new CHP systems or new boilers? 

CHP systems (Combined heat and power) can be a fantastic solution to become more efficient and reduce carbon emissions. This is due to its unique process of recycling things like exhaust gases to heat water, or create steam to power turbines for electricity. Below are some facts straight from the U.K government website that may make you think twice on being hesitant on this investment, as any large project is based on its merits, so get a return on your investment. 


  1. CHP typically has an efficiency of over 80%
  2. Operators typically saving around 20% on energy bills
  3. Operators can save up to 30% on carbon emissions
  4. Transmission and distribution losses are reduced
  5. Increases fuel supply security


New CHP systems or new boilers can be modelled to the bespoke and individual needs of the user, whilst trying to keep in mind future usages. Issues sometimes arise when modelling and specifying new systems when the customer or end provider has little to no information on the older systems performance. This can be due to poor asset maintenance. older systems use older technology that may have failed, the client uses billing information for all its usages and the big one they don't have the manpower to check all of the time. Having something to check the performance of the systems beforehand can help the modelling process and to make it more accurate and eliminate more errors and guesswork.

APM Applications & Instrumentation Ltd can check hot and cold water lines whilst measuring energy (kWH) on the flow and return loops. This can give you the end-user and the designer/installer good tangible data for the new systems, If anything it could be great a validation for your systems, as most of this is done using non-invasive clamp-on flowmeters and pt100 temperature sensors so no need to shutdown. 

What's next? 

Well, we can provide verifications on the inline liquid flowmeters and commission them (not only do we sell the kit we use and install it) offer short or long term monitoring to provide performance tests on the final install stages. We can input you into our database to provide verifications and services periodically or to a schedule that fits your requirements (just like we mentioned earlier)providing that added value factor. Allowing each individual to provide the service they specialise in for a collaborative approach and helping eliminate more human errors, with more sets of eyes. 

What does all this mean for me? 

This can mean you have a more efficient system, which saves you money on bills for years to come. It can create a more manageable and successful asset maintenance plan that can resonate across different sectors of the business. A bespoke solution to you and your needs and helping you to reduce your carbon footprint. Not everyone will get the same savings, some will get more some will get less but we feel this is a great time to start looking into the idea. APM Applications & Instrumentation Ltd can provide suitable instrumentation for the job whilst working alongside the systems provider and installer.

If you wish to check your usages or look at renting kit to try yourself please get in touch on the email below. Check out some of the useful links to the products and services mentioned above. The data doesn't mean it all needs to change, but it could validate what a great job you are doing and how to make some minor adjustments to save on your bills and improve performance. 

We can also offer Fiscal MID approved meters for your fuel ( gas ) side using our partners and network. We can offer all types of instrumentation, so if it is not on the site just ask.






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