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APM Applications & Instrumentation


The flow collection offers a wide range of flow meters like, Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters, Liquid and gas flow meters, Open Channel flow meters, Electromagnetic and mechanical. Check out the industries we service on the about APM page.

Flow Collection
APM Applications & Instrumentation


Full range of ultrasonic level sensors, Controllers, Standalone level sensors, Hydrostatic sensors and flow switches. All with a wide range of outputs and communications.

Level Collection
APM Applications & Instrumentation


Groundwater collection offers options such as vented and absolute hydrostatic sensors, dip tapes, and pumps. A great range of options for different applications of deployment.

The Collection
APM Applications & Instrumentation


Rentals collection has a wide range of rentals featuring, ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters, open channel flow meters, non-contact level sensors. With long or short term rentals available. Install services are also available rentals

Rental Collection
APM Applications & Instrumentation


We offer onsite services. With flow verifications coupled with interim monitoring options as an example. Calibrations of instruments via our network of partners. And procurement services with worldwide dispatch

Services on and off-site
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